New Bedford Bathroom Vanities for DIY Residential Remodeling

When searching for materials to use in a DIY bathroom remodel in New Bedford, make sure to select bathroom vanities and cabinets that are the same size as your existing materials. The less you have to do to make adjustments on your own, such as moving a vanity and sink or toilet across the room, the easier it will be to achieve your goals. If you need to make any significant layout changes that require plumbing or electrical work and do not have any experience in this area, it is best to at least hire a subcontractor to come in and take care of that portion of the job. Be sure to check credentials, including licensing, certifications, insurance, and references, before letting anyone work on your home. You can find everything you need at our Swansea factory outlet, including quality Southcoast bathroom cabinets and a wide range of New Bedford bathroom vanities.

Color Matters for Bathroom Spaces

While you might long for a deep, rich color of cabinetry in your bathroom remodeling project, the size of the space should dictate the colors that you choose. For example, a very small bathroom will appear even smaller when dwarfed by dark-colored Southcoast bathroom cabinets and vanities. However, a lighter color, such as a white or off-white painted design, could make it look and feel larger. You can add touches of color or texture to add depth to your plan that will coordinate with your New Bedford bathroom vanities. Flooring and countertop materials, as well as paint and tile for the walls, can all make a difference in the flow of the new bathroom space. One way to maximize the value of your bathroom remodel in New Bedford is to choose a neutral color for all of the essential elements and then add pops of color with towels, window treatments, rugs, and decorative items.

One thing you don’t want to do with a bathroom remodel is overdo it with color. While strategically placed art pieces and textures can bring your favorite colors through the space, a bright and bold wall of blue or tiles in deep yellow might be off-putting to future buyers. If you have any plans on selling your home in the next few years, consider going with a more neutral palette. While the walls can be repainted, replacing tiles, New Bedford bathroom vanities, countertops, and storage pieces can be a lot more expensive. As you browse the Swansea factory outlet, consider all of the other colors that you want to include in your remodeling project and how they will work together. You could also work with a designer or speak with our design center staff to discuss your options. We have many services that you can use to your advantage when remodeling your New Bedford home.

Choose Quality Southcoast Bathroom Cabinets

When homeowners decide to do a bathroom remodel in New Bedford, they typically want to upgrade from the existing materials. Most builders use what is known as “construction grade,” which typically consists of particleboard and other low-cost materials. While the savings that you can get at our Swansea factory outlet rival anything you might find at your local home improvement store, you will be amazed at the high-quality New Bedford bathroom vanities and cabinets that we carry in our showroom. We carry a wide range of colors, styles, and designs to help you create the bathroom of your dreams at a price that you can afford. Make sure to stop by our Swansea showroom so you can see these high-quality all wood construction cabinets in person.

One way you can bring luxury to your bathroom on a budget is with the elegant espresso stained vanities and cabinets in our Branford Bathroom Vanity Series. Recessed door panels and solid maple construction create a very durable, long-lasting, and classic design that will help keep your bathroom looking timely and impressive for many years to come. Solid wood sides and dovetail construction drawers, along with soft-close, six-way adjustable concealed hinges, also make these cabinets a pleasure to use. This popular design is available at our Swansea factory outlet and just might be the perfect complement to your home’s interior style.

Visit our showroom to see our Southcoast bathroom cabinets, vanities, and other materials for your bathroom remodel in New Bedford. We are located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea and are open Tuesdays through Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. You can reach our team directly by calling us at 508-379-6154.