Solid Maple Bathroom Vanities: Upgrade Your New Bedford Home

Selecting the materials for your New Bedford bathroom remodeling project is half the battle. Upgrading your home from the standard “contractor grade” cabinetry is a positive step in the right direction and can help to increase your home values considerably. Choosing the right bathroom vanities in New Bedford can be a challenge. There are so many different styles, colors, and materials out there – all at different price points. If you are like most homeowners, you are likely doing this on a budget. But what if you were to learn that you could get solid maple bathroom vanities at a fraction of the cost when you visit our design center and factory outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts?

The Value of Hardwood Cabinetry

Most American bathrooms are built with pressboards and other cheap materials. But when you visit the Cabinet Design and Outlet Center in Swansea, you will see nothing but gorgeous vanities in just about every color, size, design, and style. Whether you are fully renovating your bathroom in New Bedford or are simply updating a few pieces, it is essential to consider what will work with the surrounding décor and your budget. Avoid low-cost solutions with products made from cheap materials. Our solid maple bathroom vanities are built to last, whether you install them in the master bathroom suite or the kids’ bathroom down the hall. Durable, well-made, stylish, and affordable, make sure you stop by our showroom before you make any materials decisions for your New Bedford bathroom remodeling project.

One example of the elegant and timeless style is our Dover Vanity Collection. Choose from several colors, including the popular painted white, and use our hardware options to customize further the look and feel of your new bathroom vanities in New Bedford. These white solid maple bathroom vanities feature full overlays and 100 percent all wood construction for long-lasting durability. Made with a classic Shaker-style, these vanities are the perfect match for many different types of décor. Farmhouse, traditional, New England, shabby chic, classic, and more – the clean lines and quality construction of these cabinets embrace a timeless look that will never go out of style. European-style hinges, under-mounted steel drawer glides, and well-built dovetail drawer boxes further improve function and ease of use.

Why Solid Maple is Better

One of the reasons why many homeowners upgrade their bathroom vanities in New England from the contractor-grade stock materials put in by the builder is that they are not made to last. The particleboard materials can sag over an extended period of time under the weight of countertops and sinks, plus they are very easily damaged by water, steam, and humidity, in general. Not a great choice for the bathroom. MDF is another type of engineered wood composite that is frequently used in the design of bathroom vanities. However, it requires high maintenance, is easily chipped or cracked, can swell after exposure to water, and it cannot be stained. Plywood is the next option on the cheap end of bathroom cabinetry, and it does not fare much better. Made from thin veneers of actual wood glued into layers that form sheets, while better than particleboard and MDF, it still does not stand up to the benefits of working with solid maple bathroom vanities.

Most designers and contractors will tell you that nothing compares with solid wood when it comes to New Bedford bathroom remodeling projects. Solid wood is the most durable wood material and is most commonly made of oak, cherry, birch, and maple – all of which we have at the Cabinet Design and Outlet Center. Because real wood is porous in nature, it will also absorb water molecules in the air, such as steam from the shower. However, the behavior of solid wood when exposed to moisture is still much better than with these manufactured materials. Plus, the strength and durability of the solid wood is why so many designers and homeowners highly recommend it. Learning how to keep humidity under control and proper care for your wood cabinets will help them keep looking great for many years to come.

Stop by our showroom design center and factory outlet in Swansea or give us a call at 508-379-6154. We can answer any questions you might have about our materials for New Bedford bathroom remodeling or schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our professional design specialists.