Update an Old Kitchen with Quality Swansea Kitchen Cabinets

update old kitchen cabinets and cupboardsIt can be fun to plan a home improvement project, whether you are doing it yourself or paying professionals to do it. It can be very exciting to choose brand-new materials to install cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts and get rid of old, worn-out cabinets. In Southeastern Massachusetts, we have a cabinet shop with a large selection of kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and specialty items. You can use these to update an old kitchen or give the whole room a new look. We have many colors, styles, designs, and sizes for you to choose from based on your wants and price. Your South Coast area new kitchen will look great with our Swansea kitchen cabinets.

When you’re redoing your kitchen, one way to save money is to keep the plan as much as possible the same. When you move things like sinks and big machines that need new plumbing or electrical work, don’t move them. If you keep the big things in the same place, you can make changes like making storage cabinets bigger and other similar changes. But if you want to make your kitchen more useful and organized by remodeling it, you might want to talk to a professional to get the best results without spending too much money.

Planning a Kitchen Makeover

When you make changes to your home, make sure you don’t spend more than the house is worth. Get your home appraised or at least look at how much other homes in your neighborhood are selling for to get an idea of its value. In Massachusetts, remodeling your kitchen shouldn’t cost more than 15% of your home’s value. For a $400,000 home, that means the total cost of the kitchen remodel in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island shouldn’t be more than $60,000. This includes the cost of the materials needed to put in the cabinets.

A sample budget can help you keep track of your kitchen makeover job. One rule of thumb is to set aside 30% of your budget to go to cabinets, 30% to go to construction costs and labor, 14% to appliances, 10% for countertops, 5% for lighting, 4% for plumbing fixtures (like faucets), 3% to paint, and 2% to tiles. Additional expenses for things like flooring, specialized window treatments, and significant layout changes should also be budgeted for accordingly, most likely with the assistance of a remodeling professional.

Cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts

But what if you could get one big part of your kitchen makeover for a lot less money? If you compare prices at other stores to Cabinet Design and Outlet in Swansea, MA, you will find that they are much cheaper. There are beautiful cabinets in our store that you can use to make your dream kitchen. All-wood cabinets are made of strong materials and come in the newest styles. When you put in cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, you can pick from popular styles like all-white, shaker, cherry-stained maple, espresso wood, and more. Find a way to lower the cost of your cabinets. You could then either keep the money you saved or use it to improve tools or another part of your project.

If you have the money, you should hire a professional to help you with your kitchen remodeling ideas. You’ll be glad you did it. You can make smart choices about your kitchen update if you work with a pro. For example, they can help you decide which Swansea kitchen cabinets from the cabinet outlet in Southeastern Massachusetts will look best in your home. Professional planners can also help you save a lot of money on things like floors and other items. You can find hardware, countertops, and other great items in our outlet that you can use to make your new cabinets and cupboards look even better.

Update an Old Kitchen in Swansea

This is a great place to visit if you are planning a redecorating job in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island. The Cabinet Design and Outlet is located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, Massachusetts. We have many lovely closets, drawers, and other items that you can use to make your home look better. You can call us at 508-379-6154 or go to our website to find out when we’re open and how to get there.