Classic Vanity Style for a New Bedford Bathroom Renovation

classic vanity styleDIY instructions abound on the internet and other social media sites, with the common theme being that a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet and drawer pulls would completely transform the look of your bathroom. But there are a few good arguments for getting a new vanity installed in your New Bedford bathroom renovation. Cabinet Design and Outlet in Swansea, MA features affordable New Bedford bathroom vanities, and you may save even more money if you want to install the cabinets in Southeastern Massachusetts on your own. It’s easier and cheaper than ever to renovate your bathroom and update the vanities and cabinets to make it seem brand new.

Updating New Bedford Bathroom Vanities

While many fashions eventually make a comeback, some will just never be in vogue again. Think of your grandmother’s avocado dishwasher or goldenrod stove. If those patterns and hues make a comeback, at least it will be with all the conveniences and efficiencies of today. You should pick bathroom remodeling materials in New Bedford or the Southcoast region that complement the architectural style of your property as a whole. Cabinets with a more contemporary aesthetic would look great in a modern home. A more classic vanity style might be appropriate for a more classic residence. Upgrade an old bathroom when you replace your New Bedford bathroom vanities with premium, all-wood construction cabinets from the Cabinet Design and Outlet.

If your vanity is broken, you should probably get a new one. Large gouges in the side panels, damaged drawers, missing cabinet and drawer hardware, and mold or mildew issues as a result of water damage and prolonged usage. In Southeast Massachusetts, this is the single most compelling argument for new cabinetry. Improving the quality of your vanity is another easy way to increase your home’s resale value. Selecting materials that go well with the rest of your home and aren’t overly fashionable in color or style will ensure a solid return on your investment. In general, if you plan on selling your house in the near future, classic or conventional decor is the way to go.

New Bedford Bathroom Vanities

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation in New Bedford, replacing your vanity is a terrific idea. Cabinet installation in Southeastern Massachusetts is necessary if you are increasing the size of your bathroom, altering the layout, or if the previous cabinets were always “too small” for the area. You may upgrade from a single to a double vanity, or enhance storage and counter space. Make sure to choose hardware for cabinets and drawers that will make your New Bedford bathroom vanities even easy to use.

Installing a new vanity as part of a bathroom renovation project is also a good idea if you want to make the transition from a pedestal sink to a complete vanity. A pedestal sink is a good option for a small bathroom, but if your present layout allows for a complete vanity, you should consider making the switch. It not only offers additional surface area in your bathroom for grooming, teeth brushing, and toiletry item displays, but it will also give you with more storage beneath for items like towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

A Brand New Classic Vanity Style

Cabinet Design and Outlet has a large variety of vanities, cabinets, and cupboards perfect for your next New Bedford bathroom renovation. We provide wholesale services for all types of bathroom furniture, including vanities, countertops, flooring, and cabinet and drawer hardware. Affordable and high-quality kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and specialty cabinets are also available from our company. In the Southcoast region, which includes Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we sell to both homeowners and professional builders.

Our vanities, cabinets, and cupboards are built to last and look fantastic for years to come thanks to our all-wood construction and skilled craftsmanship. Call 508-379-6154 for store hours or additional information on the supplies and items we carry. Swansea, Massachusetts is home to our showroom, which is easily accessible via Grand Army of the Republic Highway.