Kitchen Redesign in Rhode Island: South Coast Kitchen Cabinets

Rhode Island redesignAre you curious about the return on investment for a kitchen redesign in Rhode Island? Minor kitchen upgrades with designer fixtures have been shown to increase resale value. To figure out what needs to be changed or rebuilt in your existing kitchen, there are several fundamental questions you’ll need to answer. However, if you decide it’s time for an update, you may peruse our extensive selection of South Coast kitchen cabinets at the Cabinet Design and Outlet. Top-notch espresso, brown, white, and even cherry stained solid maple cabinetry is available, and you can save hundreds of dollars compared to home improvement centers or contractor supply stores in the region. These cabinets are made to complement both classic and contemporary kitchen designs.

Specialty Cabinets and Accessories

The phrase “refresh” is used in the home improvement business to refer to making modest upgrades that will increase the longevity of your present materials. This is ideal for kitchens that are 10 years old or less, but may not be sufficient for those that are twenty years old or more, especially if the materials used are also somewhat old. Check all of your built-ins, including the cabinets, worktops, appliances, and fixtures, or think about hiring a professional to do it. Even high-end cabinetry will age and need to be replaced at some point, so it’s important not to squander money on cosmetic updates that won’t improve the kitchen’s overall performance or aesthetic appeal in Rhode Island.

You may also only “replace” a few worn-out components in the interim, with the expectation that the rest of the house will hold out until you can afford a full renovation or rebuild. It may be quite useful to equip your kitchen with specialty cabinets and accessories that either duplicate or enhance the style of your current setup. You may get the extra storage and decorative elements you want without breaking the bank by replacing just a few things with selections from designer kitchen cabinets offered at our Cabinet Design and Outlet. Our South Coast kitchen cabinets feature basic cabinetry, cupboards, islands, and accessories that may be mix and match, depending on the design of your current kitchen.

Designer Kitchen Cabinets and Semi-Custom Options

If your kitchen is 20 years old or more, it’s time for a complete overhaul and the installation of fresh new solid maple cabinets in a timeless finish like classic white, modern espresso, or traditional cherry. The good news is that a kitchen makeover of moderate cost yields the best return on investment (ROI) among popular home improvements. In other words, if you want to raise your home’s worth without breaking the bank, a well-planned, smartly-invested makeover that incorporates inexpensive designer kitchen cabinets and other materials is the way to go.

Some of those insane renovation projects we see on television that contain all these crazy bells and whistles that can appear beautiful initially, however give very little use in real life, are actually a waste of money. The greatest method to boost your home’s worth without wasting money on unnecessary improvements is to spend intelligently, cautiously, and persistently on your goals. Avoid relocating plumbing, gas lines, or walls, all of which can add significantly to the final cost of a renovation job. You may get the most out of your renovation budget by choosing semi-custom designer kitchen cabinets, which provide a variety of kitchen specialty cabinet and accessory alternatives.

Hire a Pro for Kitchen Redesign in Rhode Island

You may want to consider hiring a professional to set up your new South Coast kitchen cabinets. The answer is “yes” if you have no background in house improvement. New designer kitchen cabinets may look simple to install on television, but in reality, there is a significant learning curve involved in hanging cupboards and properly fitting base cabinets. Installing a backsplash or new countertops may seem like simple tasks, but they may be far more involved than the experts on television make them appear. Discuss your options with a contractor to see where you can cut costs and where you should hire a pro.

Visit the Cabinet Design and Outlet in Swansea, MA to see our complete selection of South Coast kitchen cabinets, including classic shaker styles, contemporary streamlined designs, and painted white or cherry stained solid maple cupboards. In addition to base cabinets and wall cupboards, we also provide a choice of complementary kitchen specialty cabinets and accessories that you may utilize to further customize your new designer kitchen cabinets. To find out when we’re open, call us at 508-379-6154, or stop by our showroom on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea.