High-Quality Bathroom Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities in Fall River

quality bathroom cabinetsReplacing worn-out, outdated bathroom vanities in Fall River, Massachusetts with brand-new solid maple vanities from Cabinet Design and Outlet is one of the simplest do-it-yourself jobs. Not only will you save a ton of money on gorgeous patterns and hues, such classic white, deep espresso, brown, and cherry-stained solid wood, but it’s also an easy task to do by yourself. Your bathroom will look and feel much better with a new vanity and other high-quality bathroom cabinets, even if you aren’t doing much else to update it.

At our Swansea outlet store, we provide a wide selection of models for you to choose from. To enhance storage and further personalize the design, several models, including the WHEATON, STURBRIDGE, DOVER, and TRENTON, may also be combined with other premium bathroom cabinets and accessories. Along with a range of countertop selections to complement your new vanity, The Cabinet Design and Outlet also provides hardware and accessories to complete the look. The best course of action is to stop by our showroom and take a look at everything.

Upgrading to Solid Maple Vanities

It is an easy process to take out an old vanity and install a new one, step by step. Make sure to choose new bathroom vanities in Fall River, MA that match the size and footprint of your old vanity if you want to avoid having to deal with costly plumbing repairs or flooring renovations that may require the assistance of a specialist. In this manner, all that’s left to do is take out the outdated unit and install gorgeous painted or stained solid maple bathroom vanities in its place.

First, the supply lines must be disconnected and the water must be turned off at the wall. When replacing everything, it’s preferable to use a bucket to catch any drips that may come from the supply lines and the P-trap. Remove the Countertop and Sink: Most countertops have hardware and caulking holding them to the wall. To release the caulk between the vanity and the wall, just use a tool knife. It is probably going to be necessary to isolate the vanity from the wall on both sides all the way down to the floor. With extreme caution, remove the countertop and sink insert so as not to harm the walls. You will need at least an additional pair of hands to assist with the removal operation if your sink and countertop are substantial.

Replace Bathroom Vanities in Fall River

The old vanity must be taken out and replaced with brand-new, high-quality bathroom cabinets. To do this, remove all of the screws holding the vanity to the wall. For easier removal of the screws without fully removing them, you might wish to use a power screwdriver. To prevent damaging the walls, carefully move the vanity and any other cabinets up and out of the bathroom. TIP: Since you won’t have to worry with cabinets or bathroom vanities in Fall River, Massachusetts, this is the ideal time to paint the bathroom as well. Mark the location of the screw holes and position the new vanity using the wall studs as a reference. Use shims and a level to make sure the vanity is installed correctly, and make sure it is flat against the wall.

At this point, use screws to fasten the new vanity to the wall. Apply a bead of caulk around the upper borders of the vanity base to firmly anchor the new countertop to the base. After reattaching the piping, install the new faucet, making sure that all of the connections are tighter and easy to secure with Teflon tape. To prolong the life of the new installation, think about replacing the P-trap and any other aged connections. Apply a small bead of caulking around the countertop and wall edges to provide a tight fit and seal. By doing this, you can keep anything from getting in the way of the installation, including dust and moisture. Use a wet rag to ensure that the caulk is applied smoothly and without smearing, and make sure it is applied evenly.

Solid Wood Construction Cabinets

Visit our showroom to view our collection of high-quality bathroom cabinets with 100% wood construction, including solid maple vanities. We serve contractors, real estate owners, house designers, and homeowners equally and are accessible to the general public. See for yourself the lovely cherry-stained maple, as well as white, brown, espresso, cream, and other well-liked color variations. Contact us by phone at 508-379-6154 or in person from Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.