kitchen design center in Swansea, MA

Professional Kitchen Design Center: Providence Kitchen Design

November 30, 2022

Working with a professional can be the difference between a successful renovation project and a money pit in Rhode Island. Our Swansea kitchen design center is here to help you realize your dream kitchen, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply updating the cabinets and countertops. Our goal is to assist each client in any…

new bathroom design in Fall River

Remodel a Bathroom in Fall River: Bathroom Design in Swansea

November 30, 2022

Bathroom renovations in Massachusetts can be quite pricey, depending on the extent of the work that needs to be done. Changing out your old, dinged-up vanity for one of those manufactured “wood” cabinets from the local home improvement center might seem like a simple enough task, but there are actually many factors to take into…

luxury kitchen design in Swansea

Discounts & Deals: Cabinet Outlet Southeastern Massachusetts

November 30, 2022

There are many things to consider when shopping Swansea kitchen cabinets for your Southeast Massachusetts home renovation. Cost is a factor, and there are a lot of options to choose from in terms of colors, styles, and designs to complement your home’s architecture and interior decor, which can be overwhelming. The thrill of a kitchen…

design support cabinets

Design Support: Upgrade Bathroom Cabinets in Rhode Island

November 30, 2022

The kitchen and the bathroom are the first two rooms a potential buyer will look at, according to real estate agents. A bathroom remodel in Providence may be in order if you plan to sell your home but want to update its curb appeal. However, renovating a Rhode Island bathroom with the intention of selling…

kitchen design consultant

Working with a Kitchen Design Consultant for Home Remodeling

October 30, 2022

It is in your best interest to seek out design assistance services whether you are performing a do-it-yourself project to remodel your kitchen at home or are working with a contractor. This will ensure that you obtain the finest potential results from your efforts. We work with homeowners, contractors, designers, architects, and owners of commercial…

providence remodeling new vanity

Rhode Island Bathroom Cabinets & Vanity: Providence Remodeling

October 30, 2022

When renovating a home, be prepared to pay for a wide variety of items, both planned and unplanned. Without a plan and a budget, even a minor renovation like updating the guest bathroom can spiral out of control. In Swansea, though, you can find genuine maple vanities for your bathroom for a price that won’t…

fall river design services

Southcoast Bathroom Cabinets: Fall River Bathroom Services

October 30, 2022

Those in Fall River and the rest of the Southcoast area can take advantage of the many services offered by Cabinet Design & Outlet Center, a wholesaler of fine bathroom vanities, specialty cabinets, and accessories. Customers can use bathroom design services to get the best materials for their renovation based on their specific wants, needs,…

design tips and support

Design Tips and Support for All Wood Construction Cabinets

October 30, 2022

It pays to know what is required to install high-quality cabinets that will provide you a good return on investment, whether you are remodeling your house or buying cabinets for new construction. To successfully install the new materials and remove the old cabinets, there are a few measures that must be taken. Working with our…

wood cabinets dartmouth remodel

All Wood Construction Kitchen Cabinets for Dartmouth Remodel

September 30, 2022

If you’re going to spend the time and money on a home remodel in Dartmouth, you might as well get the most out of it by making the most of it. Quality, stylish, all-wood construction cabinetry is available at our Swansea factory outlet and can be used to create a semi-custom Dartmouth kitchen remodel on…

remodeling and design support MA kitchen remodel

Remodeling and Design Support in Swansea: South Coast Kitchens

September 30, 2022

Some people think that only the very wealthy can afford to hire a professional kitchen design team. It can be pricey, depending on the service you choose, but we have a solution that will help you achieve your goals and stick to your budget. Kitchen design can be difficult, but at the Cabinet Design &…

new bathroom vanity design

New Bathroom Vanity Design Options for New Bedford Projects

September 30, 2022

Choosing the right materials is half the battle when renovating a bathroom in New Bedford. Investing in higher-quality cabinetry than the industry standard (sometimes referred to as “contractor grade”) is a great way to add value to your home. Picking the right New Bedford bathroom vanity can be difficult. There is a wide range of…

free bathroom consulting rhode island

New Bathroom in Providence: Free Design Consulting Services

September 30, 2022

Is your master or guest bath boring you to tears? Trying to find a way to bring the design up to date without breaking the bank? It’s easy to update the feel of this heavily trafficked area with a few simple measures taken today. Depending on your time and budget constraints, you can choose to…