When it comes time to measure your kitchen or bathroom to place an order for your brand new kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity and cabinets, it is important to get it right. While it is highly recommended to have a professional do the measurements for you, there is an increasing number of homeowners who prefer to install cabinetry as part of a DIY project. The following tips are for both homeowners and contractors to ensure the best possible fit for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets and other design elements.

Exact Measurements - It is important to measure as closely as you can to ensure a proper fit. All measurements should be within 1/4 inch of the exact length of the piece.

Existing Cabinets - It might seem easy to simply measure the existing cabinets and purchase new cabinets of the same size. However, it pays to measure the existing cabinets and measure the space where your new kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity will be installed.

Two Is Better Than One - It is a good idea to have two people working together to get the measurements to ensure accuracy. One person holds the tape measure and measures the space, while the other person writes down the measurements.

Window Measurements - Make sure to mark where all windows are located in the room. Measure the distance from the corner of the room to the very edge of the window trim from both sides of the window. Then take an accurate measurement of the window's dimensions from outside trim to outside trim.

Appliance Spaces - You need to make sure that you leave room for appliances and that they are located where they can have access to the required utilities, such as water, gas or electricity. If you are getting new appliances, make sure to check the measurements for accuracy.

Don't Forget the Sink! - Bathrooms and kitchens will both need to make sure that the measurements and spacing for the sink is accurate. Make sure that the plumbing connections will all be able to fit inside of the sink base for a bathroom vanity and for base kitchen cabinets as well.

Create a Floor Plan - To ensure that you have measured everything accurately, it can be helpful to create a floor plan of your kitchen or bathroom space. You can fill in the measurements as you take them so you won't forget what they are or mistakenly mark an area by mistake.

Walls and Ceilings - In addition to measuring the width of the space that you will need for your new kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity, it is also important to measure the walls and ceilings. Make sure to include wall dimensions from the corner to where you want the cabinets to end. Ceiling height is important too, especially for wall cabinets in the kitchen or bath. Don't forget the window and appliance dimensions.

It's Nice to Measure Twice - It is a good idea to take all of your measurements, walk away and come back to take the measurements all over again. This double-checking of your own work will ensure that you get the right size kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity pieces that you need to get the job done right.

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